Improving Places Select Commission (Wed, 20th Sep 2017 - 1:30 pm) 

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  • Cllr Kerry Albiston

  • Cllr Alan Atkin

    Cllr Alan Atkin

    Organisation Labour

  • Cllr Brian Cutts

  • Cllr Lelliott/ Damien Wilson

  • Cllr Jayne Elliot

  • Cllr Ian Jones

  • Cllr Jeanette Mallinder

  • Cllr Rose M. McNeely

    Cllr Rose M. McNeely

    Organisation Labour

  • Council Officer

    Position Council Officer

  • Scrutiny Officer

  • Co- optees

  • Cllr Kathleen Reeder

    Cllr Kathleen Reeder

    Organisation UK Independence Party

  • Cllr David Sheppard

  • Cllr J. Vjestica

  • Cllr Bob Walsh

  • Cllr Ken J. Wyatt

    Cllr Ken J. Wyatt

    Organisation Labour