Planning Board
Thursday, 27th June 2019 at 9:00am 









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  1. Cllr David Sheppard
1 To consider whether the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during consideration of any part of the agenda.
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2 To determine any items which the Chairman is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency.
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3 Apologies for absence (substitution)
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  1. Committee Clerk
  2. Cllr David Sheppard
4 Declarations of Interest
5 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 16th May, 2019
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6 Deferments/Site Visits
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7 Development Proposals
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  1. Planning Officer
  2. Cllr David Sheppard
  3. Cllr Bob Walsh
  4. Planning Officer
  5. Cllr Stuart Sansome
  6. Planning Officer
  7. Cllr David Sheppard
  8. Cllr Pat Jarvis
  9. Planning Officer
  10. Cllr David Sheppard
  11. Planning Officer
  12. Cllr David Sheppard
  13. Cllr Bob Walsh
  14. Planning Officer
  15. Cllr Bob Walsh
  16. Cllr David Sheppard
  17. Planning Officer
  18. Cllr David Sheppard
  19. Planning Officer
  20. Cllr David Sheppard
  21. Cllr John Turner
  22. Planning Officer
  23. Cllr David Sheppard
  24. Planning Officer
  25. Cllr John Turner
  26. Cllr Bob Walsh
  27. Cllr John Turner
  28. Cllr David Sheppard
  29. Cllr John Turner
  30. Planning Officer
  31. Cllr Pat Jarvis
  32. Planning Officer
  33. Cllr David Sheppard
  34. Planning Officer
  35. Cllr David Sheppard
  36. Cllr Pat Jarvis
  37. Planning Officer
  38. Cllr David Sheppard
8 Updates
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  1. Planning Officer
  2. Cllr David Sheppard
9 Date of next meeting
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